Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Happens When the Music Stops

This blog is about online music sites - that have shut down.
These sites were devoted to local UNsigned artists.   a.k.a. Indie music
I want to mention 3 sites:,,  was an indie music site in japan. it had about 4000 artist, of which
about 1,500 were from the U.S. - all talented.
1) these are 4,000 artists who you will never hear. was a U.S. indie music site with maybe 2,000 artists. Here the
owners did everything right.     you might ask - how can someone do everything right
and everything turn out wrong ?     well, that is another blog for another day - trust me - it can happen.
2) - the majority of these artists will probably throw in the towel, stop trying.  and get a "real job".
      Well,  "real jobs" cause "real frustrations".        just what we need - more frustrated people.    was a fantastic indie music site with around 1,000 artists. all talented.

3)    ever felt kinda down, listened to a song and it made you feel better ?
                   what does it mean not to have that anymore ?

believe it or not, i've seen birds hear human music - and start dancing. why ???
i've seen dogs hear people singing, and the dog starts trying to sing with them - no kidding.

i don't know what will happen will the music stops. i only know that we won't be able
to dance to it.
here's one 4 the road...

MV "The Wall" by Jerry Shen ft. Seanna Guillemin from Jerry Shen on Vimeo.