Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Country got Cool

Country Music is an interesting topic.  At times, it seems to  be not the most popular type
of music yet,  sales of country music songs keep climbing.   I was always a fan.  When
I was a kid, we were so excited about having a radio, we listened to all the stations.
It's important to remember, back then - there was no rap, no new age, and no smooth jazz. It was basically
Rock and Roll and Country music.

Artist:          Ronnie Milsap
Website:      RonnieMilsap.com
Song:          He Got You

Ronnie Milsap  is a living legend.   I have many of his albums.
 It's difficult to define the vocal-magic that he has.  It's easy to see what makes some artists appealing.
Micheal Jackson had the moves,  Frank Sinatra had that smooth-mellow tone...
but Ronnie Milsap is harder to pin down.   I know from his web site Bio that he had very humble beginnings.  Maybe his magic is that he was able to make something out of nothing ??    A dirt floor and very little food to eat is not a lot to work with.
If someone knows the road he took to stardom - I'd love to here about it.

Let's give a listen to one of my favorites - He Got You

It's almost impossible to keep a band together forever.  ALL bands go thru ups and downs. All of them.   As a fan, I keep telling myself  "I don't understand why they didn't make more songs"

Artist:          Dr. Hook  Band  -
                   Dennis Locorriere  (lead singer), Ray Saywer (vocals,  congos, wore eye patch )
Website:      DoctorHook.com
Song:          Better Love next time

As a solo artist(amateur/self proclaimed) I found even getting studio time EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Getting other musicians and producers to work with me ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE.   Even when you pay them.

To be honest, it's a miracle that anyone is able to create anything musically.  Personality conflicts, dis-interested musicians, producers too busy with their own lives, not to mention shadey characters and scam artists.

So for these guys to hold it together for so long - they deserve the Congressional Medal of Freedom !!

This is why it's important to "enjoy em while you got em". Bands with original members last only for a moment.

 Dennis Locorriere's (lead singers) voice, can be summed up in one word; tenderness
Also these guys really understand harmony.  Anytime a band or group has its own UNIQUE harmony - you got something !!

Listen to the tenderness of Dennis Locorriere's voice and how gently the background singers
deliver the chorus, it's like soft rain.

hirosh58  and  fritz51322  you guys have AWESOME youtube channels  !!