Monday, August 12, 2013

How to get my music heard

10 tips to get your song heard.

These days we live under many false impressions.   because of the internet we think there is more opportunity to get your songs heard.    but, the opposite is true. there is less opportunity to be heard now.

How can I say that ??
Well I joined the musicians union at age 16. (late 70s/early 80s) - back then, I knew about 40 professional musicians personally - by name.    How many musicians do the average person who has made an Mp3
 know ??  -  probably none.
 People make things happen - not web pages.

To be heard,

        1)     be willing to perform live (this seperates the ARTIST from the hobbyist)
        2)     be willing to travel (you must FIND the right people)
        3)     you MUST work with other people - make friends and keep them.
        4)     be willing to sell merchandise that promotes your music
                                        (when you play live)
        5)     wear your merchandise
    **6)     make a music video on youtube or Vimeo
                           (this is where the internet can be used)
                           (this is VERY EASY now, it's not like in the past,
                                   now you can create one for FREE)
    **7)     at your concert say    "this song is on FREE download on our website"
                    on your website offer FREE passes to upcoming concert -
                      used together,   this builds an audience.

If you can't do the things listed above,  all is not lost.
If you insist on using the internet as your primary vehicle (even though this is not a good move). then you have to be very creative.

        8)       collaborate with everyone possible on the internet.
                            - offer songs for a video game soundtrack.
        9)        use animation sequences to overlay with your own
                           sound track ( a.k.a. anime)
                           for Vimeo or  other share media sites.
      10)       I saved this for last because it should be done last.   
                  Put  your songs on music sites.
                  This should be done last because people are
                  OVER-RELYING on this method.      its not enough  !!  
                  Try to find sites that have remote players so other websites can
                  "pipe in" your music.
                  AND that offer a back link to your "home" web page.

It's a tough rode now (it was easier years ago).   Here's a little song to inspire you on to success...

it's by:                     Boy Meets Girl
and it's called:         Catch a falling star