Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spotlight on Kenny Loggins

This is the easiest blog I've ever written. I've listened to Kenny Loggins all my life. have all his albums, play them all
the time. His music centers me. whenever I need to get back on track, his music always does the trick.

For me, there are 4 parts to Mr. Loggins music legacy;
His origin (Jim Messina era)
His re-birth (Celebrat Me Home/Whenever I call you friend era) ,
His journey (Heart to Heart - back to Avalon)
His present (Blue Sky Riders)

I tried to find songs that maybe some haven't heard. That was difficult because he's so popular. so I had to rely on
well known hits.

Whenever I call you friend by Kenny Loggins (with Stevie Nicks). This is a duet featuring Stevie Nicks (I plan to do a different post on Fleetwood Mac)

Something that many may not remember is that Kenny Loggins was one of the premier singers on "We are the World".
a record known world-wide.

Of course i was shocked and disappointed to hear that sony records has ended their music relationship (how weird is that ??)
but glad to hear that he continues to share his gifts with the world.
please visit his fan site at      KennyLoggins.com

If you ever get a chance to get "Kenny Loggins live at the Redwoods" - DVD.
I guarentee you will not be dissapointed.

I know there are many other songs I could have picked. Until we meet again, here's one for the road....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My favorite TV series Soundtracks - Volume 1

As we all know a Soundtrack is a musical accompaniment for a Film, Play (e.g. a Broadway Play) or TV series. This week
we look at 2 of my favorite songs from television.

Before we start out, it's important to remember that listening to the music (of that era) is one of the ONLY ways a younger
person can know what it "felt like" to be around in the 70s.

1st - Room 222 - I watched this as a kid every week. Because I was so young at the time, i have no idea why i loved
the show so much or what it was about or anything. it's kind of funny but the only thing i remember is that i loved it.
Oh yea - i think it was about school teachers. But it was sort of hip for that era. seeing young people on TV was a new thing.
in the previous era, most of the TV personalities had grey hair. (nothing wrong with grey hair).
Room 222 cast:
    Lloyd Haynes as Mr. Pete Dixon
    Denise Nicholas as Miss Liz McIntyre
    Michael Constantine as Mr. Seymour Kaufman
    Karen Valentine as Miss Alice Johnson.

The YouTube channel Matt White gets all the credit for this segment, because this item was so hard to find.

For the next tv show tune, we'll go back a little further to a show called Bridget Loves Bernie.
This one goes way back. This one is so hard to find, the YouTube channel is TVRewind and gets all the credit
for this segment. be sure to listen to the vocal version. which is followed up by an orchestrated version
(that's my favorite of the 2 - but I love them both)

Bridget Loves Bernie cast:
    Meredith Baxter
    David Birney

Please Visit Matt White and TVRewind on YouTube, They have lots more entertaining vids.