Monday, July 1, 2013

What makes a good song ?

Well you have tangibles and intangibles ( definable , UNdefinable)

tangibles:      genre (pop , country , soul...)
intagibles:      you  (what makes you unique, desire, star quality)

if the song was created and performed properly - your
essence (experiences,   personality) will be captured inside the song - just like a

This is most easily accomplished by the singer songwriter   because
they have absolute control over the songs creation and performance.

This is more difficult for a band - for many reasons (that's for
a different blog). when singer songwriters write songs, their songs fit
like a glove.

lets look a 2 artists who "had it all together".  
                   Nicolette Larson and Paul Davis.

Artist:                     Nicolette Larson
Official Website:
Song:                    Lotta love

what do you think this song says about this artist ??

what vocal qualities stand-out ??

Artist:                   Paul Davis
Official Website:
Song:                   Cool Night

if you had to say what these songs reflect about each artist, what's
your guess ??

For me,
       Paul Davis - cool night  =  southern gentleman
       Nicollete Larson - lotta love = innocente but adventurous
what do you think ??