Monday, February 3, 2014

New Music from New Artists - Vol 1

Now that we've heard some great songs, it's time to find some great UNknowns.

The 1st thing we'll need is a website that offers great tunes.
Hey, how about - great.   There's only 1 problem,  we need a site that offers music player embeds .  Well, were in luck. also
offers a music player  embed ,  - so here we go...

The name of the song:          Meteora
and it's by an Artist name:    Marcome
her website:          

This is what I learned about Marcome.  She's from Canada.  and her latest album
falls into the category of New Age.  It's called River of soul and there are some real
heavy-weight producers for this CD.   What do producers actually do (you may ask) ??
well that's another story, for another blog post.

How do I describe this song ??  I think it's somewhere between smooth jazz and
Dream Pop.    What do you think ?

To any budding artists out there, is,  whenever you have a chance to collaborate with another artist - take it.
As unbeleivable as it sounds.  One guy shaking the tambourine can mean the difference between a
good song and a great song.

Now for our next song...

The name of the song:        Wet
and it's by an Artist name:   Miro Gee
her website:  and

few of is ever get to tell our story,  well this is his story.  it's
all there,  in his song....

Please visit ,  and
let's support our Indie Music SuperStars.   Why ??

Do you want to live in a world without music ??

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