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Jazz - The Music that has 9 lives part 1

Jazz is a music that has 9 lives ( at least).  There are many eras that I could cover.   If I wanted I could go back to Ragtime with Jelly Roll Morton, or maybe the Louis Armstrong era, Benny Goodman, there are many to choose from.  But for this post   I'll go to ,a  more recent Era,  the Smooth Jazz Era.

Pat Metheny  and David Sandborn  are household names for  jazz listeners.
For me,  the Greats who made LP's are sort of immortal.  Many of us have made CD's (including me)  but only signed artists have made LP's.  Sounds kind of ironic but to be on "wax" is very prestigious.

Artist:       David Sandborn
Song:      Carly's Song
LP:          Hideaway

I love this LP - Here are some of the atists in his band:
   Mark Egan - Bass (upcoming post on him),  Hiram Bullock - Guitar (rest in peace) just to name a few. 

David Sandborn is so respected through out the industry that he even had  a prime time television show called Night Music.

The Saxophone is one of a few instruments where, the musician can alter it's tone,  like a voice. This is why each Sax player has a different tone - even though they are all playing the exact same instrument. It's not only his mastery of the instrument but also the honey-sweet tone he has perfected.

Something many do not know is that beginners who are learning how to play it, often have to suffer through being lite-headed during practice.  This is because the body has to adjust to constantly running out of air- due to the large amounts of wind needed to blow sounds .  Amazing how something that sounds so great can be so challenging to master.  Sandborn is one of the immortals of jazz,  the great part is,
he's a long way from retirement.
 Give a listen...

Artist:   Pat Metheny Band

Song:     Every Summer Night
LP:       Full Circle
(original) Band Members :   Mark Egan, Danny Gottlieb, Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny

 I had the priveledge of seeing The Pat Metheny Band live, years ago.  They did close to a 4 hour show - WOW !!  As a guitarist myself,  I could go  on and on about Modal-scales, fingering techniques...
but no,  you have to hear this band for yourself.

Things to keep in mind while viewing this video.  While we are enraptured by these free flowing
melodies,  these artists are busy counting.  Yes counting.  To enter and exit out of bridges, cadences and constant time signature changes,  takes exact (and i mean exact) timing.  even to the smallest 64th note.
Metheny is also known for using his guitar pick sideways, to get that smooth, swirling slide sound.

How many different rhythms are they playing on this track ??  - I count nine !!!

please visit and - These Legendary Musicians provide the soundtracks to our lives.

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